Meet the Team

Brian Basham

Program Director, Host

Brian lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two daughters. He started in broadcasting over 15 years ago at the NBC affiliate in El Paso, and has since been a meteorologist and news anchor in Tucson, Memphis, and Charlotte.

- He went to college on a trombone scholarship

- He once worked as a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland

- His wife is a writer and movie reviewer

Hannah Harris


Hannah grew up in Rochester, Minnesota and currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. She graduated from Covenant College and World Journalism Institute.

- She has visited every state except Hawaii

- She appeared on the Sports Center Top 10

- She feels more comfortable on the volleyball court than on camera

Michelle Schlavin

Producer & Reporter

Michelle grew up in New Mexico and lived in Arizona before moving to Asheville, North Carolina. She graduated from Grand Canyon University and World Journalism Institute.

- She prefers to go by her nickname, Mitch.

- One of her earlobes is attached and one is lobed.

- She has studied abroad in Italy.

Myrna Brown


Myrna lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Stanley and their four adult children. She is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute Mid-Career Course and Senior Correspondent/Co-host for WORLD’s daily podcast, The World and Everything in It.

- Myrna is a worship leader, aspiring songwriter, and avid cyclist.

- Myrna and Stanley have a blended family and serve other blended families through their ministry, Blended Covenant Living.

- In 1981, as a high school sophomore, she made her first TV appearance. She was a youth reporter for the CBS affiliate in her home town, Mobile, Alabama. In college she worked as a radio Disc Jockey (DJ). Then in 1988 she left radio and returned to that same CBS affiliate, this time as a TV news reporter. The local newspaper did a story on Myrna’s last day at the radio station (pictured above). Myrna says it must have been a slow news day!

Rich Bishop

Executive Producer

Rich grew up in Illinois, Wisconsin, and California, and graduated from Calvin College, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

- He's more comfortable with a sketchbook or tablet than with most people ...

- … except for his wife, Lou, a Christian School teacher

- He was once fired from a summer job for drawing a caricature of his boss.

Taylor Hebert


Taylor is from Atlanta, Georgia and currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and Liberty University.

- She was offered several college scholarships for her work in musical theater

- She can say her ABCs backwards

- As a high school senior, she thought she was eligible for “senior discounts”

Chloe Hendon

Associate Producer

Chloe is from Jasper, Alabama, and now lives in Asheville, North Carolina. She graduated from Covenant College and World Journalism Institute.

- She has seven siblings

- She accidentally did the Heimlich maneuver on a woman who wasn't choking

- She raised and trained a horse

Nick Jensen


Nick graduated from the University of Dallas (UD) and World Journalism Institute.

- He majored in Classical Philology

- He's been to 13 countries

- He has an irrational fear of fish... they flop too much.

Benjamin Owen

Video Editor / Camera Op

Benjamin is an award-winning filmmaker from Tennessee and a graduate of World Journalism Institute. He's been editing video for ten years, and has been a Christian for twenty. He often references John 14:6 and knows by experience that we can trust all of God's Word.

- He once recorded video from a doorless helicopter.
- Despite not having a badge, he has driven a police interceptor.
- He's visited 36 of the United States.

Adam Barbee


Adam was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Southeast Missouri State with a Bachelors in Video Production and has worked in television for 15 years. He's been a photojournalist at three TV stations in Jefferson City, MO, Wichita, KS, and Charlotte, NC.

- He won an Emmy at NBC Charlotte for photojournalism.

- He's a diehard Cardinals and Blues fan.

- Adam and his wife Calah have a passion for traveling.

Anna Johansen Brown


Anna lives in Chicago, Illinois. She writes news and features for WORLD’s daily podcast, The World and Everything In It, and also covers the compassion beat on WORLD’s Effective Compassion.

- She has a second-degree black belt

- She wasn't interested in the news before becoming a journalist

- She has taught speech, debate, history, writing, and musical theater

Nick Eicher

Chief Content Officer

Nick lives in St. Louis with his wife, Arla. Their kids aren’t really kids anymore—some are married, some not yet, and all of them are scattered around the country from Pittsburgh to Phoenix. They have two granddaughters. He’s the executive responsible for WORLD’s content: from the print magazine to the web to the podcasts, and now WORLD Watch. He’s also a co-host of The World and Everything in It, and is celebrating his 30th year at WORLD.

- He’s been a congressional staffer and once furtively placed his foot across the threshold just so he could claim to have stood on the House floor during a joint meeting, in which Canada’s prime minister addressed Congress in 1988. He believes the statute of limitations has run out at this point.

- He appeared as a character in a New York Times bestselling novel by Joel C. Rosenberg (sadly, though, as a Times reporter, not as a Mossad agent).

- While others of his generation wore mullets in the 1980s, he sported a full-on afro in high-school (pictured above).

Caleb Bailey


Caleb is from Camarillo, California and currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. He graduated from California State University Channel Islands and World Journalism Institute.

- He has played the piano since he was seven years old.

- He loves college football—especially the Oregon Ducks.

- His parents made him take ice skating lessons as “pre-hockey” lessons. He never ended up playing hockey.


Lead Video Editor

Bing has worked in video and TV production in Charlotte for 30 years. He and his wife Donna have five grandchildren. They have been cast members at NarroWay Productions in Fort Mill, SC for over 20 years.

- His oldest grandson is 6’8”.

- His oldest granddaughter is finishing her reign as UNM National Miss Preteen.

- Bing and his family all live on the same pasture land and own a business on the property.