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Find a video current events program that's biblically sound and age-appropriate.

It's called WORLD Watch. And it's launching in August 2020.

With headlines, news briefs, and feature stories, kids and teens can learn what's going on all over the world. Parents and teachers can rely on safe, educational news with a biblical worldview.

Designed for the classroom and the household, this program is ideal for middle-to-high school students, but appropriate enough for a younger audience and informative enough for adults.

You're not alone in educating the next generation. Train them up in the way they should go without the blindfolds or the overexposure.

WORLD Watch helps you:


What does that look like? Here's a sneak peek.

COVID-19 Update:
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Psst, just because this program is designed for teens doesn’t mean you can’t watch it by yourself. Go ahead and learn something. We won’t tell anyone.